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Leah Walden/Rocket Tiers Learning Center


Posted : 2 Jun ,2017 by   



Leah Walden used to work at Rocket Tiers Learning Center in Baltimore, Maryland. But now, Leah Walden is in jail for murdering an 8 month old baby. Walden committed the murder at her former place of employment. Camera showed that Walden tortured the baby; beating up the infant girl, and then smothering her with a pillow, before the baby died.

Local news had this tragedy covered. But MSM is keeping this one quiet. Um, well, you know the reason.

This murdering woman is beyond psycho. She'll be locked up in jail for a while. If this fat, ugly whore starts internet dating while in prison, hopefully you men will check out her name online and will avoid her. We wouldn't be that lucky for the state of Maryland to keep her incarcerated past menopause. So she still might be able to reproduce once she's out of prison. Do not have sex with this beast and get her pregnant! Leah Walden is psycho enough to have your baby and then abort it, after she delivers it. After all, she is a baby killer. Stay away!


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