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Posted : 9 Apr ,2015 by    Thetting



Collection of debt over 10 years old even though I have sent copy of cancelled check that account paid in full in 2004. In the 1990's I had a credit card with Emerge which was bought by Providian. There was a $ limit. It went to collection and was paid in full to a collection attorney Bray and Singletary. The Providian account was picked up by FUNDING and went through multiple collections agencies. Each time I sent the check they dropped the account only to have it picked up by another agency, ending up with and I sent the check, they stated that it was not sufficient proof of payment. They got a Judgement by default in 2009 in Alachua County. I have never resided in Alachua County. I responded to court with certified letter stating above information. Now this firm demands $7217.44 or they will "foreclose real estate" or "attach personal property". In I am 68 years old and my husband has pancreatic cancer with medical debt of about $60,000.00. Even if I owed this money, which I don't, I couldn't pay it. I feel that this firm is bordering on harassment with phone calls and letters unless I make arrangements to pay. What can I do to get them to listen and stop this plan of action?

Law Offices of Pollack and Rosen
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