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I just can't get over this - Received a call from Denise Beneta saying that I was late on my payments for a hospital bill for my son. I made an arrangement with them for $50 month payments which I sometime make in advance after carefully and clearly noting the payment month on each and every check. I was told their system does not all for advance payments and too bad for you, we'll default you unless you pay $100 for June and July (which I already paid and have copies of checks to show it as well as all of 2014 and 2015 check paid on the account) or provide cancelled copies of ALL the payments I made from May 2012 when the agreement was made. I have NEVER received a statement of account and was told by Ms Beneta that she could not provide one to me. REALLY?? What kind of company is this??? As a single mother with 4 kids it's hard enough to make these payments but to have to make them twice is just unfair and unlawful! Steer clear of these guys if you can, if not get cancelled checks for ALL payments made to them and record ALL phone conversations after notifying them about the recordings and send everything certified mail return receipt. I'm surprised these guys can wipe their own bums.


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