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Posted : 6 Jul ,2016 by    Jack_1975



Attorney Sharon Webster is based in Cedar Park, Texas. She represents the very worst of the legal profession--she failed to perform even the most basic of legal services; did irreparable harm to my claim; double and triple billed me; and refused to provide essential information about my matter to a new attorney, ruining my case. She has been disciplined twice by the State Bar -I was not fortunate enough to be warned about her before she took me for thousands of dollars. I hope that this post will save someone else from the nightmare I have experienced.
Before I hired Attorney Sharon Webster, she promised me everything would be fine. After I signed the contract, she was really hard to be reached. she lied she had read my documents. in fact, she even didn't know what I fought for although i clearly notified her many times both in our meetings and on papers, including in the contract. After I fired her, she over billed me, like the phone calls to me which she never made, thank god, my phone company kept a good record. I even had to pay 6mins for her each email, in which she merely told me she had no updates.


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  Aug 12, 2017 By     josh

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Attorney Sharon Webster was hired to do a relocation trial between my ex-wife and I. She from the GET GO was demanding a $5k retainer. Long story short, she kept demanding more and more money ( In the end, I spent over $38k!!!) and she ended up LOSING my relocation trial and my ex got to move with my kid. She tried to put a different attorney on the case towards the end, and I felt that it was a very lazy move on her part, because she didn't know the case AT ALL!!! OH! To top it all off, I gave Sharon Webster a referral for my friends divorce and relocation and she forked over $35k!!!! She wasn't happy with the results either!!! The best part is, after the trial was over, she had some aggressive, threatening guy called me telling me "when are you going to pay your balance of $32k off??????? " SHARON WEBSTER DIDN'T EVEN SEND ME A BILL, AND SHE HAD SOME GUY THREATENING ME, TELLING ME THAT SHE HAS CHECKED MY CREDIT AND SHE WILL GET EVERY DIME THAT IS OWED TO SHARON WEBSTER???? DISGUSTING!!!! Attorneys like Sharon Webster Stone should get their license taken away. She is very greedy, and doesn't care about your situation, she just wants money. One time, I emailed her, and in her bill, she charged me $397.00 to REPLY TO MY EMAIL????????? NO thanks! Save your hard earned money and get an attorney that can be fair and passionate about your case. I am going to BBB and the Texas State Bar about her behavior and professionalism. After MY $38+k, and my friends $35K, she still tried to charge me another $32k??? SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME, GET A LAWYER THAT WILL CARE AND NOT RIP YOU OFF!!!

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