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Posted : 9 Aug ,2017 by    Lndsypaige



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On June 13th I bought an AKC Chocolate Havanese Female from Laura Halloran in Texas. I found her on I m going to call the dog C . Laura has multiple photos of C pictured in a dark chocolate long full coat, as well as a puppy photo, and she had also provided pictures of parents. Laura states C was well socialized, friendly with everyone including kids and other dogs, housetrained, in good health, not spayed, champion bloodlines, up to date on vaccines, crate trained, etc. C would come with full AKC registration. Laura stated the dog belonged to her mother and due to medical issues she needed to be rehomed. Laura had C listed for $2000 but said she would work with me on the price. I ended up paying a total of $1917.00. I originally paid $1863.00 then Laura had me send an additional $54.00 stating it was due to shipping being more.
On June 16th C was flown via United Petsafe Cargo from Houston, TX to Colorado Springs, CO. Upon picking C up at the airport I immediately noticed she was in heat and her beautiful coat she was pictured in was completely chopped off. Laura sent me an email approximately two hours after C landed saying she was in heat and she thought she told me but upon going through emails realized she didn t.
After arriving home, C was deathly scared of all human interaction and darted away. I have a crawling 10 month old who she did not take well to at all. C managed to squeeze through our back door and escape. But because she was so afraid and wouldn t respond to her name, she kept running. We live in a very close knit neighborhood and I made neighbors aware so they could help capture her when she ran in their yard. I had also emailed Laura asking for keywords or actions that C would be familiar with. I was given a short response and cookie which had no effect whatsoever. Many were failed attempts but she finally wandered into a fenced backyard and was brought home. Laura s communication had become very lax as this point.
Once everything calmed down that day, I had a chance to look through paperwork that was provided including C s pedigree. I noticed names listed for the parents differed from what Laura had provided earlier. I contacted C s breeder to inquire. It was confirmed that Laura did in fact provide pictures of parents that were not C s. Laura had also contacted said breeder on or around June 1st letting her know C had came into heat so she expected sister to as well. Laura also inquired about a couple male puppies at this time. Laura had purchased C and a littermate together. She was given full registration because she stated she was a breeder and had plans to breed the girls. At the time of purchase and through correspondence there was no mother mentioned and both puppies were purchased by Laura.
I emailed and called Laura persistently after that and was only provided with excuses and stories and more dishonesty, regardless of the proof I had. Laura refused to return my phone calls and answered emails at her convenience, much slower than before. She denied C being raised with a littermate regardless of photos of them together, she denied being a breeder, she denied inquiring about a puppy for herself, she had no answer in regards to questioning of the parents, she denied C s behavior which was consistent with poor socialization and maybe abuse and/or neglect. I also found that Laura has a history of rehoming young dogs with full AKC all for around the price of $2000. I explained to Laura that I wanted to return C for a full refund since I had been lied to about her background, her demeanor, and physical attributes. C needed much one on one socialization and a calm environment with someone that has a lot of time to be able to spend with her. I also explained if she had been honest with me, I would have never purchased C and C would not be having to go through this. Laura refused to agree to anything. I called my financial institution and made them aware of the situation at which time a dispute was opened. I was also advised C needed to be sent back asap.
On June 19th I took C to our vet for an examination. He confirmed that she was in heat and had been for two to three weeks. This was also evident by Laura s correspondence with C s breeder. C was posted for sale days after coming into heat but Laura failed to mention this. Findings during the examination also revealed that C either had a platelet issue or a tick borne illness but bloodwork would be necessary to reach a diagnosis. I paid $45.00 for the examination.
The evening of June 19th Laura reluctantly agreed to take back C. I booked a flight for June 20th via United Petsafe Cargo from Colorado Springs back to Houston. The morning of June 20th, I paid United $213.56 for the flight and dropped C off. I also emailed Laura pictures of C at the counter being taken over and let her know she was on her way. I received confirmation from United as soon as C was picked up in Houston. Laura did not respond to my email nor has she had any correspondence with me to this day.
On July 11th, Laura sold C to a breeder out of state for the sum of $2000. Said breeder met Laura in Texas to pick up C. As of today, C is currently up for sale by said breeder.
Laura also currently has C s littermate up for sale on for the sum of $1500. Medical issues as the reason for rehoming.
I have not received one cent back from Laura. I am still fighting to get my money back.


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