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Posted : 10 Apr ,2015 by    priceline



11/7/13 - present, many flight options for ORD to SFO, roundtrip, all in the range of $350 - $400, offered on their site. Nothing special, just entered in the cities, and up to 20 flights pop up in that price range. There are two issues: first- when you select the flight combination you want, you see the total price. When you enter in traveler details, you see the same price. When you are given the option to select seats, the price remains the same. It is in the final step of entering your credit card information, and the price doubles and triples. All flights I selected were in the $350 - 400 range, and once you get to the credit card screen, the price jumps to $750 - 1000 range No justification, nothing. Just the following notice in small font at the top of the page: "The price for this reservation has changed during process. The new price for this reservation is $733.98". I have sampled the process, with one person vs two traveling, changed dates and times, and tried all available travel combinations, and every time, with any combo, this is what happens. I am not a fan of bait and switch, and I am surely not going to "accidentally" accept their new price and book this. This is horrible customer service and a terrible way to advertise. The second issue - which is less important, however, still causes a fluctuation in price. When a child, (my nephew who I am looking for flights for is age 12), is added to the flight search, the price for all flights increases approximately $100. The flights I have been looking at are in the $350 - 400 range as mentioned, which was for one adult. Once the child passenger was added, those flights jumped in flight to $442 - 562. No other criteria changed, only going from one adult traveler to one adult and one child. When I contacted LMTs customer service via chat and calling their toll free number, I was informed various reasons as to why the prices change, as well as "children cost more to fly". Really? They cost more? A seat in coach is a seat in coach, unless you upgrade. The lack of customer service has been horrible. I asked to have a manager call me back to discuss these discrepancies, and no one has contacted me. I spoke with three different people, and no one could figure out the price changes, the child inflation rate, nor how to have a manager call me back. All of that aside, the bait and switch tactic on their site should be enough to prompt an investigation. I would like to book the flights I can see online for $350-400.

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