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Silvia Panco, Gulfport, Mississippi


Posted : 13 Dec ,2013 by    Cent



I was married for 17 years and had a beautiful family! We had had our ups and downs but we were doing better than we ever had. We had come from having cars repoed and not able to buy food to both driving Hummers and a new house. Our marriage had been in trouble a few times but we always worked it out and were making plans to get remarried on a beach in Mexico. Then our life was changed forever by an illegal Romanian! Her name is Silvia Panco and she was 22 at the time. When I first found out (her number was on our cell phone bill) I called her and told her that he was married and has 2 kids (11 & 12 at the time) I asked her to please leave my husband alone. She told me that she knew that and did not care, for me to leave him alone and that he has money and was going to get her legal. She went on to call me and my children vile names then she hung up! I talked to him he said that he loved me and wanted only me and our kids! My father came over and talked to him he told my father the same. He also stated that Silvia would not leave him alone. He went as far as to call ICE (on speaker phone in front of all of us) to get rid of her. After he hung up he hugged and kissed me then stated everything would be alright, and it was for about 8 months. On Mother s Day she calls over and over to tell me that she is upset because he spent Mother s Day with me and not her! She then stated the she had his baby in February. I asked him he told EVERYONE that he never wanted the kid that he had asked her to have an abortion but she refused and told him she would tell me everything if he kept asking ,she stated that yes this was true and that she had also had 4 other abortions by him! After I hung up with her he just kept telling me and my kids that it was a big mistake and how much he regretted it! I filled for divorce on Monday and had him served 4 times all to no response. He just kept tell me and the kids it was a mistake and how he wanted to try to make it work, he even talked to my mother and stated how bad he wanted to work it out! So I called off the divorce and we started to work it out and we were getting better. Then the emails started from her the pictures the shit talk, calling me a whore lies calling my kids names, saying he didn't love or want them! He wrote her several emails asking her to leave his family alone she refused! He said let s go to your lawyer and ask him what to do. So he gave my lawyer her address and email address and he asked her to stop! And it did for a few weeks, and then it started back up again! It went back and forth till I could no longer put my kids or myself through that hell anymore, so I had him served again! Still he said it was all a big mistake but once he saw that I was over it he went running back to her! It has been 1 years now since the divorce and she still calls me and my kid s names and whenever possible she will try to hurt them as much as she can. He still says he regrets everything and wishes it would be different. But she has told me that she has no regrets and would do it again! (Lock your husband s up Gulfport Ms) SAD! My kids want very little to do with him because of her and the fact that he lets her try to kill what little relationship they have. She has told me that she will talk to my kids and turn them against me, my kids hate her with a passion to the point they refuse to ride in a car that she s been in! I don t see that going very well for her! My children and I have weathered the storm. You know it s funny now (but not at the time) on the day we went to court she sent me a message that she won ..but really they both won .her a cheater and him a homewrecking whore! Don t get me wrong I think he is just as vile as she is for doing this! But if you know someone is married then WALK AWAY! Let the cards fall where they may! Don t be the reason a family is broken!


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