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Klare Ellis, Omaha, Nebraska


Posted : 6 Jan ,2013 by    Takeit



This man rapes young lil boys he fucks very young boys all the time. Klare Ellis used to be gay till he saw my girlfriend on They went out for a week but only trough He fucked it up by sending my girlfriend pics of him giving a man blowjob. Now its been 3 years and no matter how many dicks he swallows he still harrases my girl and pretends to be his friend. Even asks her do you have a boyfriend seriously who asks that Maybe this will give you a hint that she wants nothing to do with you. He contacts married women claiming he won the lottery, then claims hes an ex vietnam veteran. He has no military background. He asked for gas money and pay a few bills. This guy is a joke. Pretends to be a vietnam veteran uses girls for money. Has a small penis. Does tons of drugs.

Klare Ellis
Omaha, Nebraska


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