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Posted : 10 Mar ,2015 by    anonymous2828



Organization does fund raisers via out the yr and at the finish of the yr the complete family, husbands, other halves, youngsters, brothers and sisters all go on a cruise. They are registered as a 501c3, however don't provide out their financials. Additionally they us donated cash to be apparatus for their revenue business. They are additionally known for making up diseases and sickness for every different to get donations additionally.


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  May 27, 2015 By     LittleMissHorseLover

Attitude : Disagree

Kingman's Healing Hooves is a wonderful non-profit, and their staff is equally as wonderful. They help so many people in the community and donate most of their time to help others, like putting on a Special Olympic horse show (including 16+ two hour practices) free of charge to all participants and spectators. All the money they receive goes towards scholarships for riders that can't afford the therapy, feeding their four-legged therapists, traveling costs to travel to schools for educational programs/therapy, and replacing helmets for the riders. They don't even take out any of the money for a salary, and they have the records to prove it. All you have to do is ask and they will gladly provide, their business is an open book. As for making up illnesses- this family has gone through so much medically in the past several years and will gladly show all doctors reports or anything needed, again all you have to do is ask because they are an open book. Instead of opening your mouth and spreading lies about an organization that does nothing but good for the community, I suggest you open a bible and find Jesus.

  May 27, 2015 By     Mrs. H.J

Attitude : Disagree

Please read the attached. Mister you are a liar and a fraud. You need to go to church and confess your sins. How horrible of you to post this when you owe them money. You took time away from people who needed good therapy and people who love them. Look into your own closet and see the skeletons that hide there. Never throw stones at rubber houses it may bounce back and wack you one.I hope that people who are members of your so called business look into it...their assets may not be there!!!

  May 28, 2015 By     Mrs. Jay

Attitude : Disagree

Mr. Anonymous, You are making some very strong accusations without an offer of even one ounce of proof! My experience with Kingman's Healing Hooves has been amazing and nothing less than positive. I am sure that they would provide financials if requested. Charities do fundraisers. Families take vacations. That does not in any way justify your allegation of misappropreation of funds! Making up diseases to get more donations, exactly how does that work? They already offer amazing programs addressing behavioral, emotional, and physical challenges now. It is my opinion (since this website encourages opinions and assumptions, not facts) that you chose this venue to voice your "complaint" because there is no accountability or responsibility to you, and you can remain anonymous. The truth s nobody knows how much Kassie Schuerr and her entire family give of themselves to Kingman's Healing Hooves, and the community, on a daily basis. Without their huge hearts and the generousity of their time, talent, and resources, Kingman's Healing Hooves would not even exist! I feel this complaint should be immediately and completely removed! Additionally I feel an open, public apology should be issued to Kingman's Healing Hooves. May God richly bless Kassie Schuerr and her entire family in her vision for Kingman's Healing Hooves.

  Aug 2, 2018 By     raxxy

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