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Kimberly Shannon Smith Todd Dhifallah North Carolina


Posted : 1 Apr ,2014 by    Max Oakley



I don t even know where to start (and have struggled about whether or not I should even expose the homewrecker but I feel like this is part of my own healing). My husband and I had been married almost 3 years when this woman decided she wanted to make her play for him. Of course, my husband could have manned up and turned her down, but he didn t.

To give some back story, we had moved to the Goldsboro area for my husband s business. He had his own corner store, and this skank used to come in there all the time with her six children. My husband is Muslim, and she told him that she was Muslim as well and married to a Yemeni man who worked in the area. What none of us realized at the time was that she seemed to jump from store owner to store owner looking for someone to support her and her children. She wouldn t come in all the time, but usually once per week.

In September 2012, I found out I was pregnant with our son. Things rapidly changed after I found out I was pregnant. My husband had always been a bit controlling, but now it was much worse. He was also growing more distant over the weeks following my announcement that I was pregnant.

I went home to my mom s in the western part of the state over Thanksgiving and then again at Christmas. My husband stayed behind because he needed to work in his store. In January 2013, I noticed a strange number that was repeatedly texted and called in November and December (with the exceptions of the weekends I was at my mom s). I called the number and a woman picked up the phone then promptly hung up. I went to and got a detailed report on the phone and the name that came back was (removed) (I can only assume that is a relative of this homewrecking slut).

I confronted my husband with the information and he became very angry, started cussing me, calling me crazy and stupid and said that he wasn t going to put up with my jealousy and suspicions anymore. I was halfway through my pregnancy at this point. As I was leaving, he pushed me from behind causing me to stumble (thank God I didn t fall). I grabbed his phone and left with it and started sending her messages from him to see if she would respond. She didn t, so obviously he had told her that I had his phone. You can see from the chat log that she gave him her number, and knew he was married and was terrified I d learn her name. Well, after researching her (if that s who my husband is going to run with, and has visitation, I need to know the kind of people he associates with), I found out that she had a DUI in 2002, was also charged with school attendance law violations and other traffic offenses, and someone had placed her number on (removed) (probably someone else s wife or gf).

I sent her a message from my phone that if she wanted him, to come claim him because I was through being disrespected by him like that. Of course, being a typical coward that most homewreckers are, she didn t show up to claim him. Things settled down and he said he would never call or text her again. The number wasn t showing up on our bill anymore, but I still didn t believe him. In hindsight, that is when I should have just left for good, not months later.

Fast forward to November 2013. My husband asked me to trade him the iPad he had given me for a new Android tablet he had just purchased. We made the trade, and I noticed his Facebook was still logged in on the tablet. I took it and my phone to the bathroom at the store, and started going through his chat logs. Lo and behold, there was a chat log between him and this whore he had taken up with before. I found out her name was Shannon Smith and that they had been together for almost a year! I was devastated. I had tried everything I could to make my marriage work, but when one person is fighting and the other isn t, there s no hope.

I made plans to see a lawyer about separation and custody, but before I could do that, he hit me. I had to leave quickly, and I haven t been back since. I did a lot of research on this woman and found out that she was a regular at his store. This bitch would look me in the eye and ask me how I was doing during my pregnancy, then ask how the baby was after he arrived. She would try to give me advice about how to take care of my son (this from the same bitch my husband had told me took a baseball bat to her oldest son!), and would act like she was worried about me.

She s from Newport News VA and visits there as well. So, if you are married to a man who owns his own business in either of these places, be on the lookout for this skank. She likes them that way, because she has six kids and doesn t want to better herself and find a single man.


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