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Posted : 21 Dec ,2018 by    Bluerose9



Karim Khuluki is someone to be alert around.He lied to me for months and stole lots of money and medication from me.He also almost got me kicked out of my apartment by repeatedly bringing gross drug dealers who tried to have sex with me to my house.He really traumatized me.He is one of those people who thinks he is smarter than everyone else in the room.He lies a lot and will brag about it too,which obviously means he is actually Not so smart about lying.He would steal weed from his friends and lie about it too.He secretly hates women and wants them to be in their place and is such a loser that I actually caught him watching an instructional video on how to do that!He also watches really violent porn, I mean really violent of women and young girls being hurt really badly.He would always threaten to beat me up when I made him mad but I knew that inside he was really a total pussy so I was never really scared,especially after there were two different times when one of his friends wanted to beat him up and he ran away back to my house.That s how I knew not to be scared of him He has a history of doing needles and he told me once that he had knowingly given me hepatitis c.He tried to take it back when I said I was going to tell someone.Because of having hepatitis c and using needles in the past I am afraid he could possibly have HIV but I don t know if he does.He would always laugh at me behind my back and talk about how stupid I was but what he didn t realize was that I had found out stuff about him online about herpes.I found his name mentioned online with herpes on these gross websites. I asked him why but I never heard back and I knew I wouldn t because there was nothing he could say.I also asked for all my money back but since he stole from his friends all the time I knew I wouldn t get it back.He was very promiscuous and never used protection with me,had hepatitis c and used needles so I know he is at high risk for stds and then to find this stuff online about him and herpes was really bad.I still don t know why he is mentioned online with herpes on these sites. I put a picture of one of those things here so people would know what I was talking about.


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