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Posted : 4 Oct ,2016 by    lindseypacheco



Worst Dealership ever!!!!!! In May I trade in my Tahoe and purchase a 2008 lexus IS250. telling me it only had 1 owner. I notice the air bag light was on and kasey the sales person mention its only the sensor in the seat not thing big so I ended up purchasing the car. I notice the car was too small for my family so 4 months later I try to trade it in to another dealership and no dealership would take it because it a safety issue with that airbag on they mention legally a license dealership not suppose to sell a car with safety issue. they look up the car record and found out it had 5 different owner and Karmart did look into the airbag issue. I was told to go to lexus dealership to find out about the airbag light. IT WAS MORE THEN AIRBAG SENSOR LIGHT. IT SAID IN THE EVENT OF AN INFLATOR RUPTURE, METAL FRAGMENTS COULD PASS THRUOGHT THE AIRBAG CUSHION MATERIAL, STRIKING THE VEHICALE OCCUPANTS, AND RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. My child sit in that seat!!!! make a long day short. the only way KARMART could help was for trade the car into them and get another vehicle. REALLY I DIDNT WANT TO DO SERVICE WHIT THEM THEY PUT MY FAMILY At RISK. I HAD TO PUT MORE MONEY DOWN!!! THEY COULDNT EVEN TAKE THE CAR BACK. WORST DEALERSHIP EVER!!!! IF YOU WANT A CAR GO TO THE REAL DEALERSHIP. KARMART UP THE PRICE CAUSE OF STOCK FEE.I could've brought a brand new car for what they charge for for s second car. BE AWARE !!!!


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