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Posted : 1 Apr ,2017 by    Motherof3



I opened an account with kaiku to receive my income tax return. my money was deposited I activated it and used my card and when attempting to take all my money off kaiku locked my card. When I called them they told me they needed me to verify my identity and they asked me to send them my ID, social, 1099 and a bill. I sent them all the required information over 30 times via fax and email kaiku claimed that my ID wasn't clear They claimed that they didn't get the last bill.. I asked them what other information would they be willing to take to verify me or can I answer some credit security questions and kaiku told me there is no other way they could release it it's been weeks and they will not release my money. I asked them to return it to the IRS or send me my money in a check then a week later after contacting better business bureau they unlocked my account now they said wait for a new card it has been two weeks still no card I called and asked where the card is and now the account is locked again and now they are claiming that they will mail a check. And claimed the request to mail a check was two days ago. But my money still shows it's in a closed account and has yet to be sent ....I warn everyone do not I say do not make any attempts to do business with kaiku card they are a scaming people and defrauding everyone. There risk services department isn't even in the building it's in another state from the actual bank there customer service is in a third stage different from the other two each department is in a different place. The supervisor can't even reach any department in there business through phone everything is done through an email which takes 2-5 days for a reply if any reply at all. You will get the rub around. This place is just as bad as the achieve card


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