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Jonathan F. Hung of Green & Green Lawyers did not know I had 3 or 4 year right to rescind a real estate contract on acts of Real Estate Fraud. I should have known then not to hire this man. We entered a contract Terms were to use settlement discussion based on what we believed would be a fair settlement. First if you are defrauded there is no fair settlement where you pay anything. Authorized 6K on $20,500 complaint whereas the Plaintiffs filed their foreclosure prematurely. Hung was to use settlement discussion having been told there was no possibility of a settlement to start things rolling with instructions to Confirm the ID of the Plaintiffs hiding from the courts in CA using a PO BOX. He was also to obtain an address so I could bring a Tort in another Court. That was it. I would of course consider alternative based on the findings of the duty in our contract. Months go by Hung says oh, I am sorry, Now I got to act fast. So he does, runs up 11K in fees then against written instruction he settles the matter and says the cost is just counterclaims. I would give up Counterclaims to save my life. My autonomic nervous system shut down. I was so loopy being so sadly injured from all of this Fraud and negligent stress and I was on so many meds my attorney should have told the Court such and asked for a mental health evaluation for to protect my interest. NOPE lots of crappy prepared docs with errors and fees then finally he tosses the whole case. I thought the Plaintiffs Attorney had deceived the man. Might have bowed out and not complained. I said 11K is like highway robbery compared to 4k average to defend only with trial. I got no trial. I got 30 days without any attorney to figure out how the heck to pick up the pieces after the man Withdraws stating I did not pay. LOL I have 2 other attorney working this matter. Looks like I now need a Malpractice Attorney now too. What a waste of my precious time. I don't know what this mad does well but my foreclosure was not it. See MONTGOMERY CO PUBLIC RECORDS CASE # 2015 cv 04704. Read my prose legit accusations. I a days before trial told by Hung that he believes Fraud in the Inducement is at best a 50/50% chance. If this man laks confidence in himself how can I be confident in him. WATCH OUT FOR HUNG to make errors and blunder your foreclosure completely. He is a settling man. ALL HE WANTED TO DO IS SETTLE. I TOLD HIM CASH IS NO OBJECT. ACT TO EXPOSE THIS FRAUD. but, but, your litigation costs might exceed the total of the Plaintiffs claims. SO WHAT MR. HUNG. You were promised payment with triple the required fee up front. You failed to act as instructed and confirmed by a contract and by written communications time and time again. I should have walked away from you and suggest all other do that. As for the fees on your bill. I dispute this debt on breach of contract and professional misconduct. We'll meet again soon in another Court if you dare to show up.


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