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John North, BBB Dayton, Ohio


Posted : 14 Feb ,2014 by    BBBSCAM



This baby-faced hog-nosed douche seems to think that he has some power in the areas of helping folks out, with their complaints. I have to be one to inform him that there's a new sheriff in town and it's called ComplaintsBureau. This website has gained more respect and power than the BigBunchaBullshit ever could. They make claims to be the premiere complaints agency, but yet they side with and suck ass with the very same people who need to be punished. Don't be fooled by their dishonest way of operating. They also try to get you to pay for what should always be totally free. At ComplaintsBureau, it always is- in every case. ComplaintsBureau is also ranked higher on Google than BBB. You never need any proof. You can upload images, videos and audio files. The way that I know this is that I use this site, quite frequently. I was a user of the BBB's site, but, never got any good results from them. The very first time I used ComplaintsBureau, my complaint was resolved and was taken much more seriously than ever before, with the BBB. The Better Business Bureau is nothing more than an advocate for member businesses which pay their yearly fees! Consumers Beware, You Can't Trust the Better Business Bureau or John North!


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