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John Moore, Dayton, Ohio


Posted : 23 May ,2013 by    KillDouche



Has anyone ever encountered this Weasel-DOUCHEBAG prick at a flea market or any other establishments around the Dayton, Ohio area. This little pathetic punk will answer to Shit-Stink, Doucheman, Dickless, Suckass, Butt-Muncher, Liar, Creep, Thief, Rogue, Asshole, Jerkwad, Fuckhole, and/or any other name you might think of that describes him.

He goes around conning and scamming people out of their merchandise by talking so fast that people just give in to his cons to just get rid of him, without having to kill him. He will steal, cheat, lie and double-talk to get merchandise and then turn around and sell what he stole for a big profit. He also goes around trying to discredit other people who are in business trying to make a living being honest, by spreading lies around about them. He always claims that somebody has done him wrong and not to ever deal with them, at the same time, trying to con you out of what you have. He thinks that he is the slickest thing since snot on a slippery slope. He is employed at H and L Market on Gettysburg Ave. in Dayton, Ohio as a bag boy and shelf stocker/ floor mopper/ janitor. He constantly complains about the black folks,or, as he calls them, Niggers that come into H and L to shop. He says that the Black Race is the worst thing that ever happened to the World. He also constantly complains about President Obama, and hates the fact that he was ever elected. I am a black man and I get really sick of this FREAK-FUCK running his BIG mouth and voicing his little prick biggotted opinion. I really feel that he has dodged one too many ass whippings!! He claims to run a bogus company called KoalaT. I doubt that he has ever paid any taxes from profits. He is married to an 8 foot tall Amazon Hog named Laura Smrdel Moore that is employed by the County Child Support Enforcement Agency. He thinks that she will protect him from being harmed by others, even when he screws them. John claims to be a computer tech. The problem is when you take a computer to him for repair, he will tell you that there is something wrong that isn t and/or he will load a pirated copy of Microsoft Software, and get you into trouble with them. My advice is to not ever deal with him. here are some photos of this creep in case you might encounter him. He runs ads in the local newspapers Buying and Selling Computers, Laptops and comics and Collectibles.

[email protected]

John Douglas Moore


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