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John Carter, Sydney, Australia


Posted : 2 Dec ,2012 by    Opih5ffsf



My neighbor across the street thinks he rules the road. All the cars have to park on the same side of the street to make room for traffic coming through. So this is what he does. If I turn onto my road with my car and he's coming from the bottom of the street, he comes flying down the road, in the middle of the road. He does not move over or slow down. The thing is it's my side of the road!!! It's like he's driving right towards me and wants to hit my car. After the third time he did it, I beeped my horn at him loud and long. I'm getting fed up with it. Not to mention I have a 4 year old in the back seat. Another time he did it he looked straight at me, took both of his hands off the steering wheel and drove straight towards me. Just yesterday he starting backing out of his driveway right when my car was driving behind him in the street, so I beeped at him again. After I parked my car his wife yelled the "B" word at me.

John Carter
Sydney, Australia


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