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Posted : 8 Jul ,2013 by    Budrow



3 Reasons to never hire the grossly incompetent Attorney John A. Steakley!

1. Lawyer John Steakley cleans clients out financially and achieves nothing for them.

2. Lawyer John Steakley makes decisions without reading the material.

3. Lawyer John Steakley is clueless in his alleged area of expertise.

John A. Steakley, P.C.
404-835-7595 540 Powder Springs Street, Suite D-22 Marietta, GA 30064


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  Mar 12, 2014 By     steakleylawfirm

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The aforementioned complaint, that this attorney is a fraud, was filed by a past client who was angry with the outcome of their case. This client wanted to have the public records erased after being arrested and charged by the State of Georgia. The client was unable / unwilling to go through the entire process required to clean up the records and quit the process early in anger.

Rather than allowing the law firm to finish the process and help clear the records, the client started posting vague defamatory information to the internet. If I was at liberty to share this individuals name, you would find many online references to their poor character and attempts to defraud other attorneys over the same matter.

This complaint is vague, poorly written, and provides no value to readers. You should not base your decision on such a poorly described complaint. Do your own research.

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