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Posted : 9 Jan ,2014 by    Shreraam Gurumoorthy



I generally travel by British airways to London, given that Jet was an Indian airline and I did not get tickets in BA I wanted to try long distance travel in Jet. My flight detail are following: Flight no: 9W0463T from London to Mumbai Flight no: 9W0119 from Mumbai to Chennai 3:00am My membership no is: 9W130643262 the flight took off late from London. when I asked the jet airways staff in the flight about my connecting flight they said that should not be a problem the local jet airways flight will wait if there is a delay in landing The flight landed at 1:00 am instead of 12:00 when I asked the ground staff in international airport they said it should not be a problem. I was made to run between queues after queues to get out of the international airport and take the bus to domestic. There was a jet staff who initially said he will help in the baggage but asked for money when I said no money he dropped the bags and left. the next one came (since I was in a hurry) I conceded to give the money. He took the money and checked in my luggage etc.. After I cam to domestic terminal gate the time was 2:50 they said the gate is closed. I was very polite initially talking to the staff asking for reason she didnt bother to respond properly. There were 2 french couple who were stranded the same due to inefficiency of Jet. They just made us to run around the domestic airport looking for the next step. After making us to stand for 30 to 45 mins they said we will be put into next flight. I am not so much bothered about the above these things are destined to happen when there are connecting flights but the attitude of the staff and they way they talked to me and the 2 french couple was atrocious. That is when I got very frustrated first thing I apologized to those foreigners because as an Indian I was feeling ashamed. when I started confronting the staff she was more rude and when I asked for the supervisor she just said someone named Imran will be there I just need to stand, I stood for 30 mins no one. Then she asked me whether they need to get the baggage that I already checked in to me and I asked why? They were clueless in the way they were handling us. After some time this lady left and the next lady came, when I asked her she said I dont know your history just take the tickets for the next flight and leave. The French couple had booked for cab from Chennai the staff did not help to reschedule that. I gave the french couple my phone to make calls and helped them. Atleast someone should save the face of India for the goof ups done by your staff. I will not be surprised if Jet does not take an action or respond to me on this. But you have lost me as a customer. The more annoyance is the two foreigners had a very bad impression about India Thanks a lot Jet Adios Shreraam Gurumoorthy


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