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J Dog Enterprises uses the abused to make money on the internet. They are part of a website called Dating Psychos, which allows hurt people to anonymously post anything about anyone at any time. The issue here is the irresponsible manner in which J-Dog makes no effort to fact check his content unless he is paid.

From: J-Dog <>
Date: Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 9:51 AM
Subject: Re: Website Contact

I am doing nothing wrong... I have no way of knowing what people are really psychos, and what people are not... if I removed everyone who wrote in, I would have no site... therefore I remove the profile in question if someone donates $25 to pay for my time... or if someone writes in nicely and explains the situation and backs it up with documentation...

I am under no obligation to remove anything from my site... I am not doing anything illegal... I don't post the profiles, and I remove the profiles when someone pays or prooves that they are a the victim.

Go ahead and make threats just like every other person who writes in... it does no good because I am not doing anything illegal.


The company which called itself a means for hurt people to let others know about the people that hurt them, has nothing to do with that at all. J Dog Enterprises is filling a void, capitalizing on the pain of other to make a couple of bucks on the internet and hiding behind flimsy laws and anonymous user posting.

Why is this a big deal? By posting my personal information on a revenge site, J Dog Enterprises put my well being at risk without fact checking the information they allowed to be posted about me. Someone easily could have shown up at my front door looking for payback based on he said/she said.

Internet content can be dangerous and allowing people to post aimlessly is almost like allowing a child to have a gun unsupervised and taking no responsibility when they shoot themselves. In this instance, J Dog Enterprises allowed my personal information to be posted to their site which included my home address, personal phone number and personal email address, also listing my full name as an alias .

When you hide behind weak laws and compare yourself to Facebook , keep in mind what you actually are. I can post my opinions on Facebook and it s not searchable by an engine. J Dog Enterprises deliberately post in a manner that is public. Why? To make money through those contacting them directly to be removed.

Watch out for this company as they are still functioning, keeping the information posted on it s site and building more sites for future scams.

Written on a phone, sorry for errors


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