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Jason E. Treherne, Attorney


Posted : 8 Jul ,2014 by    Kristen



Jason E. Treherne is unprofessional and needs to educate himself when it comes to new laws passed in OH. How corrupt can attorney get in order to make a buck off an accident victim ? This guy is the biggest loser ever to pass a bar examination. He is a total incompetent, unprepared, lazy, borderline retarded, speech impediment, habitually late for court (if he shows up at all), hasn t a clue about anything. He is just a pitiful loser. As if this isn t enough, he is a liar, thief, and unethical. How he hasn t been disbarred is a miracle. If you hire him, you might as well either just plead guilty to whatever, or flush your money down the toilet. He is USELESS! How can he work, when his private life is as pitiful as his professional. This law firm collects their money and do nothing for it .

Treherne Law Office
P.O. BOX 175
ENGLEWOOD, OHIO 45322-0175


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