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Posted : 6 Jan ,2017 by   



No words can actually be used to describe what kind of shit hole this thing is but I'll try my best to explain it.

If you want a perfect example of what a wolf in sheep clothing is, this is it.
Honestly, no one expected her to be such a fuck up, or maybe we were blind to it for the way she made herself look is completely different from what she actually is.

This one is a real work of art. Wrecks the relationships of couples just because she finds the guy good looking. Is that good enough reason to fuck someones love life up? A big YES, according to her.

Brings men out on expensive dates just so she can suck that wallet out of him to pay for her food. Despite being rich enough to pay for her own food and rich enough to invite someone else's boyfriend to her house for a free fuck.

Yes you've heard me. As long as she likes you enough, you can fuck her for free even though you met her for a period of less than 48 hours. She's bisexual so watch out girls and boys. Honestly she'll only talk to you if she wants to fuck your life up so don't. Shes the sleaziest skankiest excuse of a human being .

Couldn't even care less when I became suicidal because of her. Ignored my texts, ignored my fear, ignored everything.


Tried to be 'friends' with me again. I gave her another chance, since she seemed sincere to change her ways to be a better person earlier on. FUCK NO. Couldn't even care less, still doesn't keep on to her words. She actually told me that she wanted to be friends again so that this can be taken down haha what a joke.


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