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James Schrader, Tompkinsville, Kentucky


Posted : 9 Dec ,2012 by    FireMax911



For two years, I have been harassed and stalked by this mentally sick guy, his wife and our neighbors. He has told lies about me to our neighbors on our street. He has gotten many people involved with his mentally sick crap. They have thrown nails on our driveway, thrown trash on our front lawn, and blasted loud car music in front of our home many times. This sick guy rides a motorcycle at night close to our home trying to disturb us. He doesn't want me to live here. He wants me to leave this town. Not gonna happen! Our local police department can't do anything until they catch him in the act. The sad part is, he is truly a mentally sick person in need of some serious help and no one is helping him. I refuse to entertain him, his friends or our neighbors. He is jealous! He and all involved will not get away with this. "Karma"! Bad people always get what they deserve!

James Schrader
Tompkinsville, Kentucky


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