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Posted : 5 May ,2015 by    CallMeBaby



I no longer use iYogi services. Yet they constantly call my home from about 8am until 9pm. I have told them daily that I do not wish to be bothered by them anymore and to remove me from any list for contact. The person on the phone is often pushy and will hang up when I begin to tell them that I want to be left alone and the reason why. They do not connect me with a supervisor and since no one can seem to understand the meaning of "Leave me alone" I don't even want to talk to a supervisor. I just want them to stop contacting me before I have to speak with my attorney. It is a simple request which I have made multiple times over the last 6 months. I do not want them to contact me via phone, e-mail or postal mail. I have told them repeatedly that I would contact them if I needed service or something else however they appear incapable of grasping this concept. I would like them to leave me alone. My contract with them expired as of Feb. **, 2015. I do not wish to have any further service from iYogi. I do not want them to bill anything to my credit card that was used for my contract with them. If anything new has been billed in the last month it should be credited back as I have not authorized iYogi to bill anything to any of my credit cards since my initial purchase from them 3 yrs. ago. I did not approve any automatic charges for anything ongoing.

iYogi, Inc.
291 Broadway, Suite 803, New York , NY 10007
[email protected]
Phone: (866) 914-9049


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  May 11, 2015 By     iYogi

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Dear User,

For your post we cannot identify your iYogi account. We would like to investigate the issues that you have raised here. Please send an email to iyogicare(at)iyogi(dot)com with your name and registered phone number or email address. In case you made a note of the number from which you received these calls, please share this as well. We will do our very best to resolve the problems you are facing.

Active Response Team

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