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Posted : 17 Jan ,2014 by    Jay Ko



The company (It's Just Lunch) is a scam. As described below, they engaged in false advertising, unduly pressured me to sign up for their service based on their false advertising claims, and have repeatedly failed to meet their oral promises and contractual obligations. My experience with them leads me to believe that they knowing compel people to sign up for a service that they then do not provide.

False advertising: They engaged in false advertising to compel me to sign up for their service. They called me every day to pressure me to sign up for their service by repeatedly telling me that they had thousands of men in their pool and indicating that they had tons of "matches" who would be perfect. That is, people who (1) fit my criteria, and (2) were looking for someone just like me. To assure me that they had eligible men who fit my criteria, they told me that they regularly turn people away and that they would not take me on as a client if they did not have complete confidence that they had a huge pool of men who would be a good match for me. I signed up for the service because of these false claims.

They have not provided the service for which I paid (based on what I was promised).

1. I signed up on June 13. I was promised "tons of dates and matches", but they have not followed through on this promise. After 11 weeks I have only been sent on 3 dates. The 2nd and 3rd dates only occurred after I complained repeatedly by calling and emailing them to express that I wanted to be sent on dates. The lack of dates indicates that they lied about the "tons of men" who would be great matches for me and suggests that they do not have sufficient people in the pool with which to match me.

2. I was told they would call me after each date to get feedback. They never called to follow up on the 2nd or 3rd dates.

3. I was told that they would schedule an in person interview with me after the 2nd date (at the latest) so that they could get feedback and improve their service. They never called to schedule this interview.

4. They told me on multiple occasions that they had new matches for me, asked for my schedule, and then never followed through to call me to set up the date. They then did not return my phone calls when I called to follow up.

5. Their customer service went from calling me every day to pressure me to sign up to not returning my emails or phone calls. I have complained repeatedly about (1) the lack of dates, and (2) the lack of follow up on their part. They have done nothing to remedy the problem.

It's Just Lunch-Chicago
101 W Grand Ave.,
#502, Chicago, IL 60654-7135
Phone: (612) 376-7373
Fax: (612) 376-7374


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