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Posted : 23 Mar ,2013 by    Scott



Me and my wife bought a home on 09/11/2012 and called Insurance company by the name of Buckner & Associates Insurance and talked to an agent by the name of Ashley Alford about purchasing some Insurance. Ashley said thank you for allowing us to quote your homeowners insurance. Please look over the quote and let me know if you have any questions. Attached is also the payment options. Thank you and have a wonderful day! She told me that we would have to pay 250.00 upfront and 108.00 per month. So I said OK and Ashley sent us email for us to sign and send back. So I signed it and sent it back and then she called me for payment, so i gave her my credit card information and made that payment of $250.00 in full. After I made that payment of 250.00 it was 9 days before the next payment of $108.00 was due. I received a bill in the mail in my mailbox for 108.00 so I called her and gave here my credit card information so she could take off 108.00 and she did. When month later came up, I got no bill at all, so I called Ashley and gave her my Account number to ask her why I have not received my bill. Ashley told me on the phone that they have closed my account out because I have wood nailed to my basement windows. and that s why they have cancelled my Insurance. Remember they did not send me a notice about the cancelled Insurance. Someone keeps breaking the windows out in the basement, so I got tired and put pieces of wood and nailed it to the windows. You see houses with boarded windows all of the time nowadays, so what is the big deal? This insurance company is only trying to pull off a scam and use any reason they can dream up to make it work. First of all,they shouldn t have ever charged me a penny, until they first came out and saw the place. They charged me over the phone, before even appraising the place. I contacted the Ohio Department of Insurance, and they informed me that this was illegal, what they have done.I talked to three different people and they told me that they were done the exact same way, by this very same company. This is how their scam works- you call them inquiring about an insurance quote. They don t even come out and see your property, but, they tell you over the phone that they can insure you right away, if you pay the premium up front.They take the payment ,by credit card, over the phone. You automatically think that you have insurance for the first month, until they just abruptly stop your coverage, without any notice. They refuse to refund even half of my money that they took from me. If anyone wants proof of this, please feel free to PM me and/or email me. I will be more than happy to send you any and all of what I have, concerning this scam.

Ashley Alford
[email protected]
Buckner & Associates Insurance
2217 Miamisburg Centerville Rd Dayton, OH 45459
(937) 434-6800


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  Apr 5, 2013 By     Shawn

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Thank you so much for this information, Scott I was about to call them and get me some insurance for my rental properties and thanks to your complaint, You just saved me being in the hands of theses Scammers!

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