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Posted : 8 Apr ,2015 by    Stopitnow



An underage child was able to create an account.I took steps to delete and they haven't done it. There's no number to call or email.Over a week ago. She is below the minimum age and I have not been able to have this page deleted. I submitted the requested information only to find that I have o submit an ID t verify her age. They requested for me to upload a photo ID. My daughter is 12 and doesn't have that. They requested a utility bill, SS card, etc. I shouldn't have to give them this to have an underage child's page deleted. You don't even need all that to open it, and she doesn't have it anyway. It's been over a week and that page is still up. There is no email or phone number where you can contact them for assistance. This is dangerous. There is no way for me to get her pictures down without assistance from them but there is no way to get it. They make it impossible to get rid of, meanwhile she's being exposed to the site. I just want her page deleted. I did what they asked and supplied the information. She logged on to verify it. It should be deleted.


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