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Posted : 29 Mar ,2013 by    gzhi9



We did not receive the as-contracted carpenter bee treatment (a powder dusting for which we paid $300). We have not received any reply for our queries Over one year ago, I met to discuss the potential of contracting pest control service with his employer. I described that two primary pests affected my house. These were carpenter bees and wasps. He described that I could obtain a quarterly liquid spraying service to deter the wasps and an annual powder dusting service (to be applied with an extension pole blower) which would be effective against the carpenter bees. I explained that I (for several years) had applied a liquid solutioninto the areas which the bees attacked. I further explained that this had not been effective. I agreed that the dry powder dusting which he described could indeed be effective and was something which I could not do myself as I did not possess the equipment

I on two occasions (by phone) recommended that Russell's pest control regard the improperly made carpenter bee treatment as a premature quarterly spraying and then simply terminate my service one quarter early. Please understand that carpenter bee treatments need be made during the spring when the bees emerge from their galleries. These recommendations went unheeded.

I maintain that (a) I did not receive the service/product described in the service contract.


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