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Posted : 18 May ,2015 by    dentorre



I bought two king size mats from this company that have bed bugs in it. and they refuse to give me a full refund. i called Hyman's Red Barn Furniture in search for a king size mat set, i was told by the delivery guy Mark that he do in fact have that and set. so i was told he would deliver me the matressess on december 1 st 2014. he never showed so for two days i had been trying to contact them for the delivry. so finally i called the actual company land line instead of cell. i spoke to anther man whom I think may have been the owner he was a white old man about 65 years of age. when i arrived to the store with my truck to pick up the beds he said did not have bed bugs in them thats why i made the trip up to his store in the first place. i and my boyfriend looked them over with our eyes we determined that with the store clerks word that we would purchase the beds from him because it looked decent from the naked eye and the man said he would not sale us a bed with bugs, that that would mean all his stuuf would have them so trust him he hasnt seen no bugs so he is sure there is no bed bugs in the beds he admitted he inspects all his used items and spray them, and he said that none of the used items he gets has ever had bed bugs. so i purchased the beds december 2, 2014 around 11 a.m i went and bought brand new sheets and a comforter for the bed. when i layed down to sleep after all that my boyfriend felt something crawling on his head when he wiped his head a bed bug fell on his shoulder. he grabbed it and killed it then showed it to me. so we then immediately removed the sheets and stuff then removed the beds from the house. the next morning i called the man who sold me the beds from red barn furniture he told me he did not believe me that the bed had bugs because the ones still in his store at which he was apparently looking over did not. i asked him politely to refund me my money that i do not want these beds and could i get a full refund he told me no and that he would give me another used kind bed. that was all he said he could do or have the delivery boy come have a look at it for us. i told him that i just wanted my money back that i wanted nothing else from out that store he said no refunds. so then me and my boyfriend spoke to him over speaker phone very respectfully he still said no. so we told him since he would not refund our money we would call the health department because he should not be allowed to sale beds with bugs in them he told us to do what we had to do because he did not believe us and he would not give us our money back.

Hyman's Red Barn Furniture
3817 Upton Ave
Toledo, OH 43613-4533
(419) 475-9409


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