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I had given my phone for service in September 2015 in BANGALORE-JAYANAGAR HTC service center as my Sim 1 was not detecting. SIM 2 was working fine. They took the phone, said motherboard had to be replaced and I got the phone back within 7 days. In December 2015, my vibrator stopped working and my pictures were pink if used flash in the camera. So I gave for service on December 17th 2015. As of today(14 Jan 2016), I still haven't received my phone. Today I received a call saying my phone is repaired and I needed to collect it. After I went there, my vibrator was still not working. I had clearly mentioned in the Job sheet that vibrator was not working. They went and repaired the vibrator. Next I started to check whether there are any other problems in my phone, and my SIM 1 was not detecting again. I have given it for "Repeat Repair". My warranty expired on 3 Jan 2016. This problem is covered under warranty itself because i noticed the issue and gave it today itself. Between 17 December 2015 and 14 Jan 2016, I had called HTC customer care(1800 266 3566) to find out about my status of the repair. For more than 2 weeks it was in Diagnosing status. after that it was in repair status. And on January beginning I had called to find out and they said that the parts are being shipped from Taiwan. On Jan 6th I called up and asked about the status, and they said, the parts are to be shipped from Chennai factory and no parts will come from Taiwan and dispatch date is set for 12th of January 2016. When asked the representative in the service center Bangalore, they said that no parts have been replaced and its only repair issues. The service report says that vibrator had a loose connection and the Camera something had to be reconnected and re-calibrated. And this took 1 month? I still haven't received my phone because now the SIM 1 is not getting detected? There is so much repair done to my phone within the warranty period of my phone, and it feels now that I have to use a 3-4 times patched phone. I need a replacement of the same Model or if that is not possible to due to other reasons, i want to take action against the Customer care for lying to me about replacement parts and delaying the whole process. I want to take action against the service center(bangalore-Jayangar)(TVSE service center) for taking up so much time to connect a connector inside the phone. Or May be even Sangeetha Mobiles has given me a faulty phone. If none is possible, I would really like a replacement phone(A new piece) as I have to use a multiple time patched phone and that too within the warranty period. Phone Model - HTC One E8 Bought for 31000 Date of Purchase - 3 Jan 2015 1st Service - September - SIM 1 not working - Main Board replaced 2nd Service - December - Vibrator not working, Pictures come with Pink color when Flash is used. 3rd Service - 14 Jan 2016, Vibrator still was not working when i received my phone. 4th Service - SIM 1 not working - Given it today(14 Jan 2016) Also one attachment is faded because the service center told that their cartridge was not working.


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