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Posted : 4 Jan ,2014 by    John Sanders



In 2010, I had a small community forum with less than 100 members which 15-20 were active at anytime. I came home one night to learn they had shut the forum down claiming too many resources are being used. I raised hell and pointed them to larger forums with the same type of hosting. They wouldn't budge, so I moved on and cancelled the account. All said and done.Fast forward to 2013. I had forgotten about that episode when I signed up with them again only to find out my other account was still active but suspended. When I saw all of the trouble I had in 2010, I told them to close the new account and refund the charge. They closed the new account and refunded that amount but applied it to the suspended/over due account which was closed in 2011. Per their TOS, Host Gator provides a 45 day money back guarantee which they have yet to do.


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