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Posted : 8 Apr ,2015 by    Debera526



New roof is not performing per guarantee of Horn Brothers Roofing and repair has not been addressed after weeks of requests. The southern side of our roof does not drain water correctly during rain storms. The gutters are bypassed and water shoots off the roof into puddles adjacent to basement windows, thereby creating a flooding risk in our basement and damaging wood roofing materials adjacent to and holding gutters. This has only happened on the southern part of our roof and not noticeable on other parts of the roof. In addition, this problem did not occur prior to the roof installation in October of last year. We have contacted Horn Brothers Roofing three times in May over the span of 3 weeks. After the third time they sent a crew of 2 men to our house when my wife happened to be home, but without our knowledge. They clearly admitted to her that 1) improper flashing was used and new flashing guards should be installed and 2) the debris covers on the gutters were installed prior to cleaning of the gutters, thereby locking debris in and creating a blockage and overflow situation. Since their visit Horn Brothers Roofing has not been to our house to fix this problem. Every time it rains water shoots off the roof and creates a flooding hazard in our basement. We will have our home owners insurance come take a look, but most likely they will attribute any damage to the faulty roof installation/products and seek payment from Horn Brothers Roofing. We are simply asking that Horn Brothers Roofing honor their guarantee and warranty by replacing the gutter guards around the entire house with a product that works(as they are clearly not working on the southern side) and install proper flashing guards to prevent water from shooting off the roof and bypassing the gutters. We also recommend that Horn Brothers Roofing send a professional inspector to evaluate the water damage in the basement caused by their faulty products/installation. We would appreciate compensation for any damage caused by the result of their products/installation.

Horn Brothers Roofing
2325 S Jason St
Denver, CO 80223-4202
(303) 274-1111


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