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Cheryl Rarog, Farmington Hills, Michigan


Posted : 20 Dec ,2013 by    Exposeher



This yellow-toothed, gray-gummed beauty was my friend and neighbor. Our families were close. I never even considered her a threat; I mean, look at her. However, my loser ex-husband and she started affair in November, despite the fact we had 3 kids and my daughter was just 6 months old. By February, he was so in love with her he requested a divorce because he was unhappy . He vehemently denied another woman was involved.

I was devastated: emotionally, physically and financially. I put up a brave front for my children s sake. Then, out of the blue she came to me and confided in me that she was considering leaving her husband because she wasn t in love him anymore. I thought, how ironic, that I am facing the same thing as her husband. I still had no clue. Dummy.

After a few weeks, I decided to share the news that we were splitting and my kids and I would be moving in with my parents. I spent a few more weeks in the area and tried to live my life as normal as possible for the kids sake. I remember going to a birthday party and observing my ex and my kids and remarked How can he willingly leave them . She quickly snapped He is not leaving THEM, he is leaving YOU. Her comment struck me as rude, but I just assumed she chose to rally around him because he and her husband were friends and she really had no other choice.

I moved 30 minutes away but remained in contact with her. She would meet me for play dates with the kids and I would cry on her shoulder about how sad I was and I just could not figure out why he was leaving me. After her comment at the party, something told me not to trust her but never did I imagine, she was secretly dismantling my marriage.

After six months, her husband called to inform me that he found salacious email exchanges between the two of them. I was devastated all over again. I called her to confront her and of course, I went off on her. She never even had the decency to apologize and hung up on me. She threatened to call police if I harassed her again! I could not believe how insensitive and selfish she was.

I was a stay at home mother. I had been out of the work force for 7 years to care for my 3 kids. We divorced and I lost my health insurance, my home, assumed half marital debt, which I could not pay. I was financially ruined. I am still trying to dig myself out. My children were robbed of the daily they deserved.

I had to return to college at 41 years old and am still plugging away at classes.

This homewrecker helped herself to my husband and had the nerve to call herself my friend. I hope karma gets her because it is just not fair that she never has to suffer the consequences of her actions. That is why I have decided to expose her on this site.


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