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Holli Lehuanani Thometz, AKA Holly Jacobs, Miami, Florida


Posted : 9 Feb ,2014 by    Jumpit



Holli Lehuanani Thometz, AKA Holly Jacobs was a nice girl but a little to needy for me and shes a liar and you cant believe anything she says. She will tell you she loves you just to get what she wants. Holly Jacobs loved her ass fingered till she orgasm all over your fingers. I blew my load inside her pussy. This whore will send pictures to anyone then blame me for it. This whore cant keep her mouth shut, literally. She sucks more cocky and fucks more niggers than a whore on main street. Holly Jacobs is a cheating whore who is easy to get if you sweet talk her and say what she wants to hear, be careful though shell cheat on everyone and cant be faithful to any man. fuck her at your own risk. Holly Jacobs posted her own nude photos and then blames her ex-boyfriend Ryan Seay that is computer illiterate. Her ex-boyfriend was then falsely arrested by the police and his reputation destroyed by the media labeling him as a "cyber rapist." She posted her own pictures so that she could become a public figure activist to campaign against men so that she could make cyber rape laws to make men felons if they post pictures of a women on the internet. I will upload some more pictures of her naked later

Holli Lehuanani Thometz, AKA Holly Jacobs


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  Feb 11, 2014 By     Edward Hulo

Attitude : Neutral

Oh fuck the back story again. What matters is she is here for all of us to enjoy. Fuck the Complaints Bureau police and there need for back stories.

  Feb 11, 2014 By     Brian White

Attitude : Agree

Awesome! nudes! And she alright keep fucking her life over post her in other sites!!

  Dec 23, 2015 By     jack_kramer

Attitude : Agree

She's very hot. Here's a link to her masturbation video:

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