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Posted : 7 Jun ,2015 by    Poole



I feel the staff here is scamming people out of money. today I stopped here to buy gas I paid the $20.00 for gas then bought lottery tickets. the tickets added up to $12.00. I gave the man a 20 and 2 singles. he gave me back a $10.00 bill which I put into my wallet. suddenly he accused me of stealing money that he ad given me 2 10s as change. I told him he only gave me one ten and I took it out of my wallet to show him. He took the $10.00 bill from me and put it in his register. I told him he stole $10.00 from me. he told me to call the police to come see the video of the transaction to prove he only gave me one bill. I was in shock that this happened. I went out to pump gas then went to the side to call the police. the poiceman came and I told him what happened. He took my information then went inside to talk to the manager who is the one who did this to me. 10 minutes later the man came out with 10 singles and told me never to return to his station again which I would never do. this happened to me once before at the same station a few months ago with a different clerk who told me he gave me too much money. I told him to balance his bank at the end of the day and if he was short to call me. I never heard from him because he knew he gave me the right change. I feel there is a scam against older people at this station. They do this to the seniors who may not be as clear as they were in their youth and believe the man and give him the money which he pockets and is stealing from the people and his own station. It is time to stop this crime against the elderly at this station and investigate what is going on there. I also plan to boycott and ask others to boycott this station. I want this station investigated and the manager that was on duty at 1:00 p.m. tuesday sept. 3, 2013 to be fired and new employees put in there. I didn't get the manager's name so I can't put it in here. I also contacted Hess about this situation.

Hess Gas Station
3201 SE Federal Hwy.,
Stuart, FL 34994


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