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Posted : 14 Jan ,2015 by    Trudy



Recently, a family member had to be removed from this Nursing home. She just had Surgery and had to have pins-rods put in her hips and the family members stayed with her, until she was removed. The care she received was very bad . She was abused and neglected .She was not taken care of, at all. When a family member mentioned this to one of the staff members, about the care she was not getting,all hell broke loose . Two of the aids took their anger out on my mother. They pulled her very hard and dropped her from the lifter, pulled her legs, let her lay in her own mess of urine and feces, and it was horrible. The Animal shelter takes better care of the animals than this place does with their patients. There were 4 of them, 1 R.N., 1 L.P.N. and 2 aides. All 4 need to be fired. All of the other patients, that have no family are in danger.The woman that runs this place is just as bad. People, you need to remove your loved ones from this place. God help the other patients. This place needs to be closed down or remove all of the employees and replace them with people that care about other people. This place needs to be investigated. They will see all of the abuse and neglect that goes on there. The four ass wipes that were responsible for abusing and neglecting were an R.N. , an L.P.N and 2 aides.Their names are Tammy, Eva, Ashley and India. These ass wipes need to be fired. This is not over with,by far,for what these ass wipes did. As of now, things are being checked out, but, people, you need to transfer your loved ones out of this place.

Heartland of Kettering
3313 Wilmington Pike,
Kettering, OH 45429
(937) 298-8084
Contact Information
Principal: Ms. Jenny Woodward (Administrator)
Mr. Paul Ormond (CEO)
Mr. Bill Shannon (principal contact)
Ms. Sherriann Wood (Reg.Dir. Operations)


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