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Posted : 8 Dec ,2013 by    StoneDine



The service in question was 14 months ago, this is my first bill. I was told as an employee that I would not be billed. On 8/16/2012 I was working as an employee in the ER at Grandview Hospital. I passed out while working and was treated. The doctor reccomended that I spend the night at the hospital, against my wishes. I gave the people my insurance information so they could bill the insurance company. About 3 weeks later I called the billing department at Grandview to be sure they had billed my insurance company and to see what I owed them. I was told the "insurance company was being billed and the remaining balance of the bill would be written off because I was an employee". I received and paid a doctor's bill from that night later and assumed that was all that was owed. I quit my job at Grandview in August of 2013 when I accepted a position at an agency. My husband is still at our home in Ohio waiting for it to be sold. He received a bill from Grandview on 10/23/2013 for $441.67. This is the first time they have billed me for a service provided 14 months earlier. It seems strange to me that at first they told me I would not be billed because at the time I was an employee and then after I resign my position with them they send me a bill 14 months after the fact. I have extensive moving expenses and am now paying for 2 homes because my husband is still in Ohio, I can not afford another bill at this time. If the debt was written off last year when I was an employee, why does it reappear a year and 2 months later when I no longer work there?

Grandview Hospital
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