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Posted : 24 Dec ,2016 by    n.zeus



Habib Bank AG Zurich needs to atone for unscrupulous banking practices

It has been discovered that Habib Bank AG Zurich is frivolously penalizing customers by slapping fines for self created offences. The Bank is involved in a scam to ripoff the customers.

The case in point is HBAGZ penalized a customer for expired trade license while the latest license was faxed to the Bank three weeks earlier. When the fictitious charges were highlighted, the Bank acknowledged the mistake but failed to reverse the charges. When the customer escalated the issue to Central Bank, HBAGZ retaliated by terminating the customer account.

Such wrongdoings and how long they are going on raise concerns about the honesty of HBAGZ when it comes to serving its customers.


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  Jan 5, 2017 By     AY100002

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Totally unethical and unprofessional conduct of Bank.

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