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Posted : 18 Apr ,2014 by    Marianna Chung



I was on a bus that broke down on the highway 2 months ago and still have not received ANY compensation for it. When the bus broke down it wasn't just a simple fix, we were taken to the nearest exit where we had to sit for over 4 hours. After 3 hours I realized i would not make the event I was going to if i waited any longer so i had to hire a different service to pick me up and take me where I had to go. This made me not use two tickets. It took me three weeks to even talk with someone that could even figure out what to do in this situation. I was then told I would receive a voucher in one week, so planning on that voucher I scheduled a trip (Just so the voucher wouldn't go to waste). Unfortunately that voucher was not received within a week, and when I called to talk to a supervisor about my problem i was told that i would be called back within two days. I told the rep i was speaking with that they must call me within those two days because my bus was to leave in three days and that day would be a day that they were closed. But she assured me that I would be contacted before then. Surprise surprise i was never contacted and had to pay full price for my bus ticket. When I arrived home i expected my voucher to be in the mail considering it had been well over the 7 days but no, there is still no sign of the voucher and I still have not received a call back from any supervisor even though I called several times since and every time was told that i would be contacted within a few days. This company is a crook DO NOT use this bus company they are TERRIBLE.

Greyhound Lines (Head Office)
350 N Saint Paul St
Dallas, Texas United States


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