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Posted : 3 Feb ,2014 by    Sadbutmad



I hired this man, Gregg Brennan do a simple small claims action. He works out of his nasty house with toys all over and a real dirty/nasty smelly mess, this should be a real red flag to anyone to stay away from this loser. He told me he used to be a prosecutor so that obviously did not work out well for him as now he is trying to be a lawyer on his own. It takes more then a law degree to be a good lawyer of any kind.

The Judge thought he was a lousy lawyer as did my wife and I. He did not present any evidence that was given to him by me personally. He is so bad that the judge shook his head at his obvious disbelief at his misrepresentation of us. I lost several thousand dollars as a direct result of his complete incompetence! I have filed a Bar complaint against this so-called lawyer for his actions, some of which I have outlined here.

Then within weeks after the trial he has the nerve to send me another bill after we paid him thousands of dollars for basically nothing, He wanted 115 dollars more, when I told him he was not worth any money let alone all the money he was paid, which by the way HE said we were entitled to get back if we win, which was a lie and he knew it! I said, "hell no, not a dime more, " so he started sending harassing emails to us every day, ten or more a day. I consider it a form of blackmail.

Then today he went onto web site and lied, (slandered) about me and a company I used to work with just to get even. He used a made up name of "Paul Graff, " what an idiot he his. He now says he did not do that but it has ALL the same lies he told me in his emails.

This bad lawyer even lies about his credentials as he says he is a PA which stands for Professional Association which he is not, he is in fact a one man band.

I have been involved in one way or another with the legal system. First, as a Magistrate in the 1970's and in the 80's when I was appointed by two different governors for two 5-years terms each and I was a special prosecutor as well. I was a paralegal in 1969 before the designation was even being used while I was in law school. I think I am qualified enough to say this man is NO lawyer! He may in fact have gone to law school and may even have a degree, but he cannot practice law worth a s---t. Sorry, just the truth and everyone needs to know it. He is a Liar, a Slanderer, Criminal Harasser and a Thief as he is so bad of a lawyer he is taking people's money and not giving proper representation, so that's a scam in my personal opinion. Stay as far away from this self-confessed lawyer as you can get, unless you want to lose big time.

Gregg Brennan, Attorney at Law
11296 S.E. Highway 42
United States
Phone: (352) 245-4674


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  Jul 1, 2015 By     Scott McNeal

Attitude : Disagree

This review was published by a coward who won't even sign his name, and that name is Dennis Alan Brady of 4436 Griffinview Drive, Lady Lake, FL 32159. Brady is a con man who likes to pretend he's a doctor, a cop, a lawyer and other professions, even though he has no license to practice any sort of medicine, doesn't have a doctorate degree or a license to practice law and has never been a cop, although he's been arrested in Marion County, Florida for pretending to be one. Brady has been sued for failing to pay rent on his offices and currently has a little strip mall storefront where he pretends to run an international hypnosis school. At this "school" you apparently send a bunch of money and Brady sends you a certificate that you're a hypnotist. And his "school" is "accredited" by another one of his scams, a fake accreditation business that Brady likes to claim has been in business and "setting the standards" of higher education for over 100 years. Suffice it to say, it's a joke and a scam as this accreditation business isn't sanctioned by any government anywhere to accredit anything.

Take what you've read about this guy Brennan with a grain of salt as Brady likes to go on smear campaigns against people he doesn't like, like a guy who refused to buy a car he allegedly had title to for sale on craigslist. Brady's a joke and a bad guy...stay away from him or you'll see.

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