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Greg Smart, Centerville, Ohio


Posted : 18 Sep ,2013 by    Nick Bleha



I was out side in my back yard takeing out my trash and I heard a loud noise coming from my neighbors back door, there was two men kicking in my neighbors back door and when they saw me they stoped ask me if I want to buy case of steaks. Greg Smart was the one that was kicking in the back door and Anthony Curtis Vila was staying on lookout the other guy Stephen Daniel Hornsby was going door to door trying to sell meat. When he was kicking in my neighbors back door he had a case of meat sitting on the ground. This guy came out of my neighbors back yard after I just busted him trying to break in and he came up to yard when I was on the phone with police. He stood outside for 3 minutes waiting for me to end my call with police. Then he came on my porch with a big box of meat. I ask them what was there names, he told me his name was "Greg Smart" .and the other man told me his name was Anthony Curtis Vila. I was trying to stall them until police came. Greg Smart and Anthony Curtis Vila kept telling me that they was the manager of the US Beef and he could give me this great deal on all of these great steaks. He opened all of the boxes on my porch and showed me all of these steaks. One, they looked like fake plastic display food, two, he had no credentials, and three, if your a manager of a company then why are you out selling steaks door to door? He kept telling me that I was sexy that I had nice ass and pretty and my husband is so lucky and blah blah blah. He showed me the 500 price tag, and said he could give me everything for 100 dollars. And I sain. I thank you. Then he offered it for 30 dollars. And I still said no thank you. Then he told me he would take food stamps. Or a check. Or a credit/ debit card. How are you supposed to accept said cards first of all? And he was also saying that they were selling the steaks to support our children's hunger fund. How audacious of them to go that low. yeah guys, because they selling meats in a freezer in the back of your truck with out of no permit or credentials is really legit. I bought nothing from him and he got mad and left in a Red Dodge Ram pickup with a freezer in the back of the truck with US Beef sign on the freezer. But it took the police 2 hours to show up but he was long gone. I did a GOOGLE search on this man when he left to see what I can find out on this man and I found his photo's on and it states that he does work for US Beef. Week later he comes back to one street down from my house and this time he is driving white Dodge Ram pickup with a freezer in the back with US Beef sign on the freezer. Please be smart and don't get scammed and keep yours doors locked

Greg Smart
Centerville, Ohio


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