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Posted : 12 Jan ,2014 by    Sherrie Simmions



I purchased two college grow up plans to provide $20,000 per child for college.I'm being told what I now have is a life insurance for my grandchildren I am contacting you due to the unethical, unprofessional, and illegal actions of Gerber Life Insurance Co. I purchased two college grow up plans with Gerber and was told that I would have $20.000 for my children's college education when they reached age 18. My son, a senior in high school, is approaching college so I called Gerber to find out how the funds would be disbursed. I was told that there were no funds to be disbursed and that I now have a life insurance policy for my grandchildren. I spoke with this young man for an hour or so as I asked questions trying to understand how a college policy could be switched to a life insurance policy. The standard, scripted responses were insulting and made so sense. I explained that life insurance was never a part of the conversation I had when I purchased the college grow up plan, which give no indication of life insurance. Every answer I received was again standard, scripted and insulting. The young man did say to me that there are many other consumers with the same complaint. I've spoken with several representatives from Gerber and I've been told that It isn't advertised at a college grow up plan and never has been. I've seen commercials within this time frame and the Words College grow up plan are within the language, it also now speaks to life insurance as well. When I purchased the college grow up plan, we didn't discuss life insurance at any point in the phone conversation and certainly not for my grandchildren. My reason for purchasing the college grow up plan was to ensure my children were able to attend college. Why would I, a poor mother, purchase life insurance for my grandchildren and I didn't have life insurance for myself? My goal is getting my children out of poverty so clearly my focus was ensuring my children would have funds for college. I'm being told that I must continue making payments on these policies or forfeit my investment. My children will can take over payments at age 21 and I guess they can make payments until they die, then who knows what Gerber will tell my "grandchildren." I can assure you that had the conversation been about life insurance I would not have purchased the policy. I've called Gerber's corporate offices asking to speak with someone in upper management and I'm always transferred back to customer service. One representative, had me on hold for a long period of time getting a live person and when I was finally transferred it was to the customer service call tree. No one in upper management will speak with me. I can't articulate the depression, anxiety, panic due to having nothing in place, and anger I've experienced due to being abused in this manner. I'm being extorted by a billion dollar company because they feel they can get away it. I would not have purchased life insurance, period! I purchased what they offered, a college grow up plan that would provide $20.000 for my children's education. I would like to expose this company for preying on consumers. Perhaps other consumers will come forth in pursuit of justice

Gerber Life Insurance Company
445 State St,
Fremont, MI 49412-1056
(800) 253-3074


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