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Posted : 31 Mar ,2014 by    Wells



Company hired ultimately to negotiate my penalties and fees to the minimum allowed and secure a payment plan. They did neither. When hired they stated they could help us lower the tax penalty and fees to the lowest possible and achieve a valid payment plan. This was done in 2 phases analysis followed by resolution. Analysis phase cost $1000: file power of attorney and they would handle all corresponse with IRS and needed 3 months to analyize our situation and come back with the final recommendation. Signed power of attorney and first payment on Jan 21st 2012. Filled out their package and had a few emails asking questions in Feb and March. Mid March addressed their questions and recieved zero contact after that. I wrote to their company with a statement that I hired them to negotiate my case not perform the same analysis I could get from the IRS for free. I specifically asked Cameron if their analysis was what I could get from the IRS for free to stop working on my case and refund my money - no response. I kept recieving letters from IRS and did not respond hoping they were - June 6th recieved the final letter of intent to levy lien. Got a hold of FTR to get status - it was not until this time that was assign my file (day I called); then they processed and sent me my recommendation. Same exact analysis the IRS would do with a final recommendation to set up a payment plan. No negotiating lesser fees (which I was promised when I signed on). Sent me a package to sign to pay another $250 and they would set up my payment plan. At this time I was concerned that this process would not get done in time so I contacted the IRS myself. Main reason for contact was to see if FTR had been working with them to resolve my file. Answer was "NO" they filed power of attorney but had not contacted or addressed them in any fashion to slow down the processing of our file or negotiated fees. I spent 30 mins on the phone and set up my own payment plan - for less than I was told our payments would be on the phone by Mr. Jones and with no additional fees. This company took our $1000 and did not 1 thing we were promised they would do and did exactly what I asked them not to do (proceed with an analysis I could get from the IRS for free). I asked them directly to stop working my case in Feb. 2012 to stop working my case and refund my money. This company falsely advertises what they do - they purposely have people tell you goals they can achieve on the phone but dont put all that detail in writting - my sale guy had his boss call me directly and ensure me that during their analysis process they work directly with the IRS to lessen your penalties and fees and negotiate the smallest payment plan possible. When I spoke with Mr. Jones on June 17th he recited "you owe ~ $12K so the IRS will let you go 60 months payments so quick math it is about $200 per month. If that sounds good I will send you the paperwork to pay the next fee to set up your payment plan." They did not even try and negotiate down penalties or fees. When I contacted the IRS it was confirmed not 1 person in their office has ever contacted the them on my behave. False advertising of services provided and all around bad useless service. There is nothing they provide that I could not do myself.

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