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Posted : 4 Dec ,2013 by    rajesh001



Fraud Alert!! Avinash Dandiya of Divinity Imports (new company name could be Divinity Inc.) is a serious scammer. He is from Jaipur, India. He has done many frauds in his life when it comes to jewelry. Not only does he owe money to people but he has scammed a lot of innocent people out of money and uses trickery and intimidation to do what he does. His most recent scam was in India when he sold his property twice to 2 different people. And right after that he ran away to US. There has been a court case issued against him and police is on the lookout for him. This man talks as if he is could be your best friend but be very careful of him as he is just weighing you out if you are eligible in his 'criteria' for being intimidated or scammed. His wife Meghna Dandiya is an equal fraud and supports him in everything he does. All his doors seems to be getting closed, so he is a very desperate man and he will possibly do everything to make some serious cash anyway he can. I wouldn't trust this man in any situation. I am not sure if he has done some serious crime who nobody knows about. But be very careful of this man as he will play games with you just to get all your cash.


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