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Francois Russ, Lithonia, Georgia


Posted : 23 Feb ,2014 by    openit



We live in Lithonia, Georgia and have indigenous neighbor a few houses down Francois Russ that steals. Before you call me racist, he has broken in multiple times both day and night and are constantly in my yard saying, "I'm looking for my football." The last time he broke in, he stole all my tools and electronics and games and went through all our containers looking for valuables. We know where he live but it's such a sensitive matter and we can't just say he live there, go get our stuff back. Any ideas?

Francois Russ
Lithonia, Georgia
Age: 41
Black Male


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  Jan 27, 2016 By     panky

Attitude : Agree

That's what they make guns for. Shoot his ass and see if he ever comes back again.

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