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Forest View Care and Rehabilitation Center


Posted : 4 Mar ,2014 by    Terrie Johnston



Please do yourself to avoid this "Forest View Care and Rehabilitation Center" at all cost! -staff is not concerned with your well being, do not bother asking questions, you will only be talked down to if recognized at all -doctors will heavily over medicate ex. Every patient will be prescribed heavy sleeping pills, not because of insomnia or other disorders, but to sleep because of the terrible conditions -I was there for ten days and was allowed one hour of recreational time. I gained 10 pounds -staff is extremely unprofessional and will talk about seriously personal things in an obviously loud and inconsiderate tone. Patients literally heard them talking to other staff about my roommate, " he had the smallest penis I've ever seen" - do not expect to attend meaningful group sessions because they are all thrown together by the extremely moronic staff members - the doctors will keep you for as long as your insurance will possibly allow because this is a for profit Rehab This is not the treatment facility that you would like to send yourself or loved ones!

Forest View Care and Rehabilitation
323 Forest Avenue Dayton, OH 45405.
Phone: 937 224-0793. Fax: 937 224-0799


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