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Posted : 1 Feb ,2015 by    FL3326



Sold me a piece of junk! Sales men said they don't sell junk and that all their cars are fully inspected. All a lie! $28,0000 Car broke in 2 days! I live in naples. I drove the car I purchased to Naples on Sunday and noticed an oil leak. I called the sales man and he told me service was closed and will not open until Monday. I called Monday and service advised me that in order for the dealer to pay it that I needed a letter from the sales manager. I spoke to Steven who was very nice and helpful and got me to take the car Monday night. I left the car and got a call on Wednesday from Steven saying that the vehicle was fixed and fully inspected and there were no more leaks. I brought the car back Wednesday night and drove it again until today. This morning I noticed it was still leaking oil and as I was driving with my daughter to a doctors appointment the car began to make a loud noise. I became scared and parked in the middle of the road with my three kids and I was able to move the car a few feet over to a tire place. I parked the car in their lot and puddles of oil began to leak from the car.. The general manager from the tire place has been dealing with cars for years and saw under my car that the transmission did not have the appropriate bolts and I was dragging it. Had I not stopped at that very moment the transmission would have dropped completely and my daughters and I could have been in a very bad accident... Let alone.. The fact that when I called service to let them know that they never fully inspected my vehicle because this should have never happened. I got a very nasty attitude from the service director. Who all he could say is that the vehicle was fixed and inspected. And that is is another issue they are responsible for. He asked me to take the car back, which is impossible because the car cannot even run with a dragging transmission.. I will not pay towing as I made two trips this week to get this issue initially resolved.. My daughters life and mine was put in danger because you sold me a $28,000 car that was suppose to be in a good condition. When you spend $28,000 on a vehicle you at least expect it to run for more than 3 days... What your company did is fraud.. Not to mention that the car left your shop Wednesday and it is only Friday and this happened.. This was suppose to be caught and or dialed to me if your vehicles were fully inspected as you advertise they are. And not to mention you had a second chance to catch it the day I took it in for the oil leak! I don't want to do business with this company and I want to cancel my contract! I don't want another vehicle. I don't trust anyone here anymore. I need to do this in the most peaceful way, although I have a lawyer who wants to take the case I rather not take those measures because we are good hard working people who do not like to be involved in such situations... Please take this email seriously as we are going to take the measures necessary to let everyone know the fraud this place has committed against us and to cancel this finance contract and make sure you get your car back. I expect a fast response! Because this situation needs to be fixed as of now! I don't mean to be rude but someone should put themselves in my shoes and think what this irresponsibility could have caused me and my family.. Your company is lucky we are safe! But it does not make it okay... Please contact..The car is in a public lot and needs to be picked up as soon as possible and we are not paying for it! I want them to Tow the car back to their dealer as soon as possible as it is sitting in a public lot. I want to break the finance contract because I do not want this vehicle anymore! I don't not want another vehicle either as they are not trust worthy to me anymore. A $28,000 car that I only drove two days is ridiculous

Florida Fine Cars, Inc
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