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My complain is not only with First Billing Services, LLC, but also with The Connor Group, Inc., which is the real estate management company responsible for the property in which I have been renting a one-bedroom apartment for the past two months. The Connor Group made the decision to use First Billing Services to collect rent and utility payments through First Billing, and they should be held responsible for choosing a company that attempts to dupe residents and is unresponsive in addressing billing issues. As I am employed in Customer Service myself for an international company providing business to business service, I find the attitude of First Billing Services employees particularly grating.

My base rent is $829. When a new tenant at a Connor Group property signs the lease agreement, the leasing agents also require you to sign acknowledgement of the utilities and cable/internet provider fees. However, they don't tell you that this utility package adds over $300 monthly to your rental costs. The internet/cable package costs $188.25, and they won't let you opt out if you don't have a television/cable hookup (although the leasing agent pointedly asked me if I have a TV, and I responded "No," and no indication was made at that time that I would have to pay for services I was not using.).

Since receiving my first notification of charges from First Billing services on September 14, 2016, I have sent the company three emails including a copy of the connection work order with the hookup specifications from Time Warner--which note that I did not have cable/TV services installed. First Billing has refused to acknowledge my repeated emails, and to add insult to injury, they sent me a response intended for the leasing office by mistake, and it was desultory and dismissive (The email said I was "confussed [sic]" about my cable/internet package. I am not "confussed." I have a pretty good understanding of how I am being fleeced into paying exorbitant fees for services I am not receiving.) I also incurred a prorated internet connection charge from Time Warner, and therefore I asked that my bill be prorated by First Billing, since my internet was not actually connected for the entire billing period, and I do not understand why I should have to pay both First Billing and Time Warner for my service.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in the city in which First Billing Services does business (if it can be called that), Miamisburg, OH. I will report back once the complaint response period ends. I have every intention of filing in small claims court against this company, which is taking advantage of renters by charging hidden fees and allowing no appeal process for tenants who were misled by the leasing agents in the first place. If you have experienced similar problems, by all means, write a summary of your experience. Otherwise, this company will be allowed to continue with its unethical practices with no repercussions.


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  Jul 18, 2017 By     kshitijsah

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Completely agree with this. Not sure in which state the above user is but in Charlotte NC, this company is slapping exorbitant bills to the tenants and leasing office (even though both are managed by Concor group) says they are different company.

The contract that was signed say different amount for what came in the bill and still after multiple reminders bill is never corrected.

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