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Posted : 24 Feb ,2014 by    FedExSucks



This company has done nothing put stress me out, deliver my package to a completely different address. Make me wait a week I wish I went through UPS. This company is the worst!! I order a product that I was lucky enough to get the last one, perfect. I never do anything through FedEx because people say they are always messing up. So I wasn t happy when I told it was coming through FedEx. So my delivery day was 9/14 11:30am left at leasing office!! I had my husband wait at home til 1:30pm for my package. So I check my email to see this it was deliver put my leasing office didn t contact me about having a package at the office. So I contact my leasing office she said no package for you. So I show the office manager the FedEx email confirmation, sign by, signature. She knew off hand that wasn t no one signature in the leasing office. Then she states FedEx is always messing up I freak out!!! So I contact FedEx advise them I have not receive my package it wasn t deliver to my leasing office. They ask me a million questions, come to find out they deliver it to the wrong leasing office. What the Hell!! Then FedEx tells me the driver has 48 hours to retrieve my package. What!!! I need my product I order now!! They are not giving me a answer to what if I not get my package then what happens??? I m so sick of FedEx!! Why does the merchant I order from have to suffer because of their carrier they chose to do business with? Now thy lost a VIP customer because of this. It s not about the money because I know I can get my money back I just want the product. I m going to press charges on who ever receive my package. I m sure everyone in that leasing office that sign for my package could read and see because they wouldn t be working there if they couldn t. I m warning everyone to stay away from FedEx!!


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