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Posted : 29 Nov ,2013 by    Scammed in Tempe



Took $2500 and did NOTHING. Did not sign a notice of representation. Did not represent me at any hearing. Claimed to review files that were corrupted and that no other party was able to review. Claimed to take five hours to review a notebook that was indexed and tabbed. Continued the hearing, then told me, AFTER spending my ENTIRE $2500 that there was a conflict of interest with an unidentified witness in the matter therefore they could not represent me. Left me with no attorney on the DAY OF MY HEARING. They had my entire file and promised to drive it down, but conveniently failed to answer my call or return my call, so I had to drive to their office to retrieve my file myself, hours before the court hearing. Even my new lawyer said they were crooks and that they would help me sue to get my money back. What kind of attorney takes $2500 without making sure they can actually REPRESENT THE CLIENT? They'd also promised to sit in as "advisory counsel" but then refused to do so. They said $2500 included EVERYTHING when it included NOTHING.


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